Transform your Garden…..Fencing, Gates & Decking with Thomas Fox.

Thomas Fox offer a high-quality Fencing, Gate & Decking supply and installation service…

If you are looking for that special WOW Factor for your garden or business property, let our team work with you to create your ideal outdoor space. We have many ideas that will give your property instant charm and privacy…..

Please call us today on 01295 680 691 to discuss your project.

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Fine new fencing….

We’ve just completed this lovely new picket fence for this beautiful Warwickshire home…the owner’s dogs are now safe and secure and unable to escape onto the near busy road.

Fencing, Gates & Decking with @Thomas Fox. We offer a high-quality Fencing, Gate & Decking supply and installation service…
We undertake a wide range of services for both Residential & Commercial clients, so whether you require a one-off job for your home or business, or require a regular maintenance contract for a larger Country property or Estate or ongoing local Authority projects, our skilled maintenance team are able to tackle jobs of all sizes.

If you require our services, please call us today on 01295 680 691

Thomas Fox and the Team 🦊
Images and content courtesy of CotswoldXL

Cleaner and Greener – 12 months on…

As part of our continued efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, we are extremely proud of the Kirby Farm ‘Cleaner and Greener’ mulching project, which is a big part of daily working life and has now been running for a whole year….

A huge percentage of the Thomas Fox Landscaping waste is now introduced to a mulching system and is recycled and distributed on to our own farmland. The waste products include formerly living material such as chopped leaves, straw, grass clippings, compost, wood and wood chips, shredded bark, sawdust and pine needles.

When distributed on to plant areas, the super-fertile mulch stops the hot, drying sun and winds from penetrating the soil and thus conserves soil moisture and coolness.

There are many benefits of mulching including:

• Help soils retain moisture

• Reduce watering

• Suppress weeds

• Improve soil organic matter

• Provide nutrients

• Deter some pests

• Warm up soil in spring

• Protect plant roots from extreme hot and cold temperatures

• Encourage beneficial soil organisms

• Provide a barrier for edible crops coming into contact with soil

• Give a decorative finish

Much Available to purchase ….

We are pleased to announce that our mulch is now available to purchase by the General Public. For further information please call 01295 680691.

Thomas Fox and the Team 🦊

Hedge and Topiary cutting service

When your hedges become overgrown or ready for trimming and cutting back, it is time to call in the Thomas Fox team …

We are experts in precision hedge and topiary cutting….with over 25 years’ experience, you can be assured of a first-class service.

Our team are able to deal with both small and large projects and in extreme cases, deploying our experienced chainsaw operatives and on-site wood-chipping equipment. Whether your hedge needs a regular tidy-up, a significant reduction or complete removal, we can provide services for all. Don’t forget, we remove and recycle all of the resulting waste.

We are happy to take on most challenges in both the domestic and commercial sectors.

Our aim is to manage and maintain your hedges whilst taking your instructions into consideration…so why not give us a call and take your first steps to becoming a regular Thomas Fox hedge management/cutting client …

Put your gardens and landscape maintenance into safe hands and let us do all the hard work for you. Call us today on 01295 680 691 or email We look forward to hearing from you.

A quick morning coffee and off to work…

What a lovely way to thank the staff for a great weeks’ hard work – Early morning coffee and cake before they set off again today for another hard days’ graft.

Thank you Tom Horbury of @reallyawesomecoffee for pitching his mobile coffee unit at Kirby Farm this morning and fuelling the lads with a Friday morning caffeine kick .

Thanks for your hard work team Fox. Have a great weekend all.

Thomas Fox 🦊

Probably the closet you will get to the inside of a Combine Harvester…!

A great spell of weather towards the end of this week has given us the opportunity to finish getting our Winter Barley harvested. I am pleased with the yield after quite a wet winter and particularly dry spring, which made growing a bit of a slow process.

It’s a relief all-round for my team, as we get our new combine harvester racing through these early crops…as you can see, this state-of-the-art machinery is making short work of cutting, thrashing and collecting the Barley Crop, leaving a nice trail of straw behind to be bailed and sold for animal herd use elsewhere on other farms.

See the Harvester at work

Look out for further interesting posts as our harvest season progresses.

Thomas Fox 🦊

Fed up with your garden or driveway? Time to call in the experts….?

The Thomas Fox team specialise in beautiful garden transformations and will create and build your perfect outdoor space to enjoy for many years to come.

Why not put your garden projects into safe hands and let us do all the hard work for you?……..Leaving you time to relax and enjoy your garden this Summer. Call us today on 01295 680 691 we look forward to hearing from you.

Thomas Fox and the Team 🦊

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