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On average, we transport approximately 3-tonnes of green waste a day back to our yard. Previously, we have put this aside and left to rot down, with larger waste such as hedge-cuttings being put into landfill. In 2019, the business invested in a large composting machine, capable of mulching down the waste to a compostable product in approximately 30 minutes. With the assistance of grants from Warwickshire County Council and Coventry Cit Council, Thomas Fox Landscaping is now in the process of expanding the composting plant so that in a years time, a product available for commercial sale will be available.

See the link below of the composting machine in action!

We are now also offering a service where we drop a bag to your property and you fill it with compostable waste: grass, leaves, hedge cuttings, brash, cardboard and paper (no tape, staples, plastics or food). The bag pictured below is 90cm x 90cm x 90cm. We also have other size bags available for smaller projects. Please see below for further details. Once full, we will then arrange to collect your bag and bring it back to our depot for processing.

Bag sizes:

90cm x 90cm x 90cm – £22.00

48cm x48cm x90cm – £18.00

44cm x 44cm x 44cm – £12.00

Prices inclusive of VAT and are for a one-off collection. Please contact the office for details of repeat collections.


Posted 10.1.2020