Lawncare & Treatment Services

Thomas Fox Landscaping are established in Lawncare & Treatment offering safe and effective lawn treatments all year round. Feel free to contact one of our expert team for more information.

Autumn/Winter Treatments


The process of taking small plugs from the lawn allows air, water and fertiliser to penetrate the root structure. This is the most effective way to ease compaction and thin out the sub-surface thatch in preparation for winter.


By removing surface thatch and/or moss, scari cation allows nutrients, water and oxygen to reach the roots of the grass. This process results in healthier grass and minimises the possibility of a fungal outbreak on the lawn.


Thinking of giving your lawn a complete makeover? Then enquire about our seeding and tur ng services.

Full Seasonal Treatments


The fertilising treatment we offer over this period is designed to enhance the lawn. The micro-granular fertiliser provides moss control and prepares the lawn for the ensuing climatic conditions.


Using a specially developed fertiliser that is rich in nutrients, growth and colour are encouraged in the lawn. In addition, the herbicide treatment we use targets perennial weeds such as clover, daisy, plantain and dandelion, keeping them at bay.


The early summer fertilising and herbicide treatments encourage the continued growth and colour of the lawn. With regular mowing, the lawn will retain a lush green appearance.


Continued treatments of nutritious fertiliser and herbicide enable the lawn to maintain a rich and healthy appearance. Using a no-scorching fertiliser, we are able to carry out the treatment even on the hottest of days.